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Celebrating Women's Voices
October 2019

Celebrating Women's Voices, the Fund's 2019 fundraiser, was a great success!

Our 2019 recipient of the Celebrating Women's Voices award was Claire Sliney. As a freshman in high school, Claire Sliney co-founded
The Pad Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating and developing global partnerships to end both the stigma surrounding menstruation
and the poverty caused by that stigma. She Executive Produced the Oscar-winning documentary short, "Period. End of Sentence."

Music was provided by pianist Suzzette Ortiz and singer Rene Ginett (http://suzzetteortiz.com/).
Artistic displays were provided by Susan Barnes (www.susanbarnesfineart.com).

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Sliney Sliney Speakers Speaker Speaker Musicians Raffles Artist Wine Table Table Sliney Table Table Board Table Musicians Sliney Basket Basket

The Fund's purpose is to educate the community about
the importance of women's contributions to all segments of
American society, and the importance of the advancement of women's rights.
This includes, but is not limited to, citizenship and participation
in all aspects of a democratic society, public service, employment,
education, family life, and volunteerism.