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Celebrating Women's Voices
October 2016

Featured guest speaker, and recipient of the 2016 Celebrating Women's Voices award, was Sally Friedman.
She did not disappoint! Sally's presentation was like her columns, straightforward and to the heart,
and serious with a few zingers of humor. She touched on her experiences as a teacher, a wife and a mother.
She explained the genesis of her becoming a writer, both in its unexpected aspect and in its glorious fruition.
Through writing she discovered her life's passion for chronicling her family's important and mundane
experiences and for reaching out to explore other people's experiences and how they felt
and thought about their lives. Being able to read and re-read Sally's columns over the years
has been a treat. Hearing her in person was a double treat!

Music was provided by pianist Suzzette Ortiz and singer Rene Ginett (http://suzzetteortiz.com/).
Artistic displays were provided by Jenn Carvin, photographer (www.JennCarvinPhoto.com),
Barry Pisetzner, painter (pisetzner.com), and Diane Wolff-Pastore, painter (dpastore19@yahoo.com).

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