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Celebrating Women's Voices
October 2017

Our 2017 recipient of the Celebrating Women's Voices award was Marty Moss-Coane. For almost 30 years, Marty has been the host of
WHYY's Radio Times. Board President Judy Buckman, in her introductory remarks, said, "Marty is far and away the best interviewer anywhere.
In addition to her thoroughness, empathy and insight, I am in awe of her ability to follow her guest out on a tangent during a
discussion, asking pertinent questions along the way, then bringing them back to the original starting point and picking up
exactly where they left off to carry the conversation forward. That's more than a skill; that's a gift."

Music was provided by pianist Suzzette Ortiz and singer Rene Ginett (http://suzzetteortiz.com/).
Artistic displays were provided by Jenn Carvin, photographer (www.JennCarvinPhoto.com), Susan Stults Ewart,
and Diane Wolff-Pastore, painter (dpastore19@yahoo.com).

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To download Judy Buckman's Welcome remarks and speaker introductions, click here.

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