Testimonials from CWV Events

I have always had a good time talking to the people I meet. I have had memorable conversations with the people at my dinner table, including people I have met in the past. I learn all kinds of impressive new things about them.

Thank you for keeping the lamp of progress burning and including me here today.

I like that female artists are showcased.

Always a great event to get together with like-minded feminists.

Love being able to see the photos on the website.

[I like] the look of confidence on the faces of the young women that are recognized for their achievements.

The guest speakers are incredibly interesting – women in our community who I have admired and am proud to meet.

The raffle is lots of fun. I really enjoy deciding which baskets to put my tickets in, and I always win something worth having!

As a musician myself, I enjoy the music that has been offered by a couple of very talented locals.

The speaker was fabulous, and it’s great to celebrate strong women.

[I] enjoyed meeting so many feminists from multiple organizations. The speaker was great, as was her topic – enjoyed meeting and talking with her.

Great people, loving and caring organization. Loved the purple and gold to remind us of the suffragettes.

[I like the] overall tie-in to encouraging young, female leadership.