Fact Sheet

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The Judith Glick Buckman Fund for the Future, Inc. (the “Fund”) was incorporated in November 2014.  The Fund is named after a woman who devoted more than 40 years of her life working for women’s rights in southern New Jersey and beyond.

Its purpose is to educate the community about the importance of women’s contributions to all segments of American society.  It stresses the importance of the advancement of women’s rights, full citizenship, and participation in all aspects of a democratic society. This includes public service, employment, education, athletics, family life, and volunteerism.

What Does the Fund Do?
The Fund raises and distributes money to assist with charitable activities and educational programs within our service area from Trenton to Cape May.

Past activities supported by the Fund Include:

  • Provided cash awards to winners of annual essay contests for middle and high school students on topics related to the advancement of women’s rights.
  • Furnished honoraria to speakers on a broad range of topics, including women’s entrepreneurship, girls and technology, women heroes of the civil rights movement, and an introduction to WOMEN’S WAY (a funder of organizations that provide social services to women and families throughout Philadelphia and southern New Jersey).
  • Offered public programs on “Maintaining Healthcare Insurance Following Divorce”, “Human Trafficking and How to Combat It” and many other topics.
  • Supported films and videos about women in history including “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” (which led to the development of unions and safe labor practices); “Makers: Women Who Made America Parts 1-3”; and “Votes for Women” (C-SPAN award-winning student documentary).
  • Provided publicity for local Displaced Homemaker service organizations.
  • Collaborated with the Southern Burlington County NAACP to hold three public “Conversations on Race in America”.
  • Sponsored seminars with the Burlington County League of Women Voters including “Why Aren’t More Women in Politics?” as well as “Running and Winning” for high school girls to get them involved in the political process as voters, candidates or campaign officials.
  • Awarded scholarships and financial support for Alice Paul Institute’s leadership programs (“Lead-A-Way”, APPLI, Girls Leadership Council), as well as AAUW/Stockton University’s “Tech Trek STEM camp” to expose eighth-grade girls to science, technology, engineering and math careers.

PO Box 4725, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034